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Locoloc® #3-H Hydraulic Swaging Tool is a hand swager, exerting 14 tons of pressure. A few strokes of handle bring the dies from wide open to contact with the fitting to be swaged. The internal valve automatically shifts from the low pressure pump stage to the high pressure compression stage. A relief valve prevents over-compression. An advanced-retract control for the ram is located in the moveable handle. Full visibility of the working area is afforded by the narrow, 180° swivel “C” head, making it easy to position the dies on the fitting. This rugged, portable hydraulic compression tool has a two stage section for use with interchangeable dies sets, ¼” to ½”. The #3-H tool comes with plastic carrying case. DIES SOLD SEPERATELY with gauges included. Locoloc® #3 Hydraulic Hand Swager KIT includes 1 #3-H Hydraulic Hand Swager Tool, 6 sets of dies, 6 sets of gauges and 1 carrying case.

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Locoloc® #3 Hydraulic Swaging Tool1
Locoloc® #3 Hydraulic Swage Tool Kit1