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Nicopress® No. 3 Swaging Tools are available in these different styles.

  • No. 3-F6-950 is used for Oval and Stop Sleeves having "F6" as a part of their stock numbers. Tool Length is 33".
  • No. 3-G9-950 is used for No. 18-13-G9 and No. 28-13-G9 Oval Sleeves for 5/16" cable. Tool length is 33”.
  • No. 3V-F6-XM is used for oval sleeve sizes 1/8", 3/16" and 1/4". Tool length: 34".

Item ID & DescriptionUnit SizeQuantity
Nicopress® Swaging Tool 1/4"1
Nicopress® Swaging Tool 5/16"1
Nicopress® Swaging Tool 1/8,3/16,1/41