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Kinedyne winches provide a method for securing cargo on flatbed trailers, rail cars and other vehicles. These sliding winches and track combinations provide an efficient and flexible securement system. The winch moves easily in both directions, but locks firmly in place when tension is applied. U.S. Patent Number 5,853,164.

  • All sliding winches can also be welded in place for fixed application
  • New One-Piece Mandrel features an improved web slot radius which will reduce cutting and abrasion on webbing and extend the life of the strap
  • Resistant to ‘egging’ or elongation of mandrel cap holes which will help improve winch bar operator safety
  • Kinedyne winches are made using steel material that is subjected to a stringent Quality Assurance process
  • All components are attached to the frame using robotic welders for manufacturing consistency
  • Manufacturing date and lot code are permanently stamped on winch frame
  • Low Profile 1020LP:
    • Working Load Limit: 5,500 lbs./2500 kgs.
    • Weight: 8.4 lbs., 3.8 kgs.
  • Standard 1020/Standard, Galvanized 1020G/Standard, Zinc Plated 1020ZP:
    • Working Load Limit: 5,500 lbs./2500 kgs.
    • Weight: 8.8 lbs., 4.0 kgs.
  • Storable 1020S/Storable, Galvanized 1020SG:
    • Working Load Limit: 5,000 lbs./2270 kgs.
    • Weight: 10.7 lbs., 4.9 kgs.

Item ID & DescriptionUnit SizeQuantity
Winch Sliding Standard1
Winch Standard 3 Bar Sliding E-Coated1
Winch Standard Sliding HG1
Winch Low Profile Sliding E-Coated1
Winch Deep Storable 3608 Track Only1
Winch Standard Sliding Zinc Plated1
Aluminum Winch Track For Sliding Winches1
Winch Flat Hook Receiver E-Coated1