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Kinedyne®VeeBoards®, VeeBoards2Go® and BrickGuard® Brand Corner Protectors are used primarily by fleets and owner-operators with flatbed and curtain-side trailers. VB2GO are light weight, easy to carry and store!

  • Designed for loads such as shingles, windows, doors, drywall and foam insulation that are prone to damage from load securement straps and other tie-down assemblies
  • The corner protectors prevent the straps from exerting focused pressure that can mar or distort cargo, by spreading the tension across a wider area
  • Allows the strap guide channels on each corner protector to nest securely on top of the next, enabling users to store the devices in a low-profile unit when not in use
  • Stacks take up less space and are much easier for flatbed trailer operators to secure and store than freestanding corner protectors
  • A superbly designed product line and, used in conjunction with proper load securement techniques, promotes safety for both vehicle operators and the public at large
  • 4" x 4" x 11" VeeBoards
  • 20 VeeBoards per pack

Item ID & DescriptionUnit SizeQuantity
Veeboared 11" Stackable Pack20